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                        November 18, 2015

Name:               Matthew Arndt

Comment:         I wish I accepted the "Do No Harm" mantra and way of life a lot earlier in my life. After leading a life of selfishness, I only now have discovered what it means to be happy and proud of my life because of the way I treat others. It's only now that I'm discovering what it means to have grace. I wish all creatures peace and happiness.


Do no harm,



                        April 29, 2015

Name:               Gary Swing

Comment:         American politics is fundamentally destructive. It's about killing people and destroying things. I have a brilliant idea for a new form of government founded upon adherence to the Hippocratic oath to "Do no harm." I call this new form of government Hippocracy. Doctors and elected officials both take an oath of office, so how about putting a doctor in the White House who is guided by a Hippocratic oath of office to "do no harm?" American government could use a healthy dose of Hippocracy. Send the Republicans and Democrats packing. Let's fill Congress with a bunch of Hippocrats! Vote exclusively for political candidates who represent Hippocratical views.


                        April 17, 2015

Name:               Charlien S

Comment:         Thank you all for recognizing the importance of this basic tenet "Do no harm."  Difficulties in life can incite angry feelings in us.  By taking time to act more gently with ourselves first, allows us to extend that kindness to  others.  Even if that means walking away.


                        January 27, 2015

Name:               mm

Comment:         Do no harm means to love humanity and fight for it. There must be no limit of how deep our love and compasion can be. Fight with your demons and fight with others demons. Respect. There is always a way to get what you want while doing no harm and if there is no such way then it is probably not what you want or need. Care enough to find that way. Learn to live like a true human being. Better live one minute like a true human than live the whole life like something else. It is all that matters.


                        January 3, 2015

Name:               marc zamec

Comment:         happy new year everyone and peace be with you, cheers, do no harm


                        September 10, 2014

Name:               Wonder

Comment:         Do no harm is a wonderful first step. Another might be to relieve suffering instead of causing suffering. So many of us learned to suffer rather than enjoy and thrive. May our learning include more compassion. 


                  July 14, 2014
Name:        anonymous 

Comment: most of my life was defined by my violence against others and myself. i am strong. i can kill an ant, impose my will on a dog, or a person. but, i recently realized that i am happier when i try really hard to "do no harm" with my words, actions, thoughts.  if i kill an ant, i am the one who suffers.




                        July 12, 2013

Name:               Kay McCullen

Comment:         Thank you for this refreshing and uplifting idea amid so much snark and egotism that comprises the Web today!



February 18, 2013
Name:               Jack Blue

Comment:         I've been all over the Web today and can't remember where I found you, but am very glad I did. My father was a Doctor and I learned the first tenet of the Hippocratic Oath very young--First do no harm. That is a very basic tenet of Buddhism, also and as I work on my beginning practice, I need to keep that in mind at all times. Thank you so much for your website and all that you do.


                        October 19, 2012

Name:               Lee Tao Dana (Shodo Jishin)

Comment:         Hi,

I was on the Antaiji temple webpage and clicked on your link. Everyone regardless of faith or beliefs can agree to doing no harm.

I teach this to my students, both university and meditation. I specifically mention doing no harm to people in words, actions and thought, doing no harm to animals by going vegan (very subtlely), and being aware of the harm each of us does to the environment and lessening our impact on it.

I'm a zen priest so my way is the way of meditation in order to become aware of ourselves. This is just one way and I look forward to learning the ways of others.

Thank you for your wesite.



                        October 1, 2012

Name:               Stuart Pierson, RN

Comment:         Thank you! I wear my Do No Harm bracelet all the time. Every so often someone asks about it and I have an opportunity to share the lesson. Planting seeds is where it starts!



                        June 10, 2012

Name:               Judy Kochel

Comment:         Do No Harm





to any living thing



                        April 21, 2012

Name:               Anup K. Chatterjee

Comment:         This morning for the first time I came accross your web site. A great principle to live by as I have always belived that if your action is not hurting or harming anybody, then you are good. Lot of possible actions in this regard are being generated in my mind. Let me see that how many ideas can be put on paper and transformed into actions. Till then I am privileged to remain a member of your movement. Warm regards to you and your group.

Anup from New Delhi, India


                        April 16, 2012

Name:               Ed Harris

Comment:         Do no harm is a more subtle and nuanced concept than I used to think. When I was younger I rather pompously proclaimed it as the moral baseline. What is the use, I would ask, of doing good in some areas of my life, call them A and B, while all the time though inattention I am doing harm in areas C, D, E, F and G. The net effect is still harm. Before seeking to do good for others I should make sure I am at the very least doing no harm (meaning no avoidable harm).

Now many years later I have come to realize that doing no (avoidable) harm is far more difficult than I ever realized. Its not a moral baseline, its a moral goal, a high peak to which I should aim. The movement towards harmlessness is a lifetime journey. It requires keeping my eye on the goal and being as mindful as possible in my daily life.

Every act of consumption does harm. It is my task to choose which are needful and which are not. I do need to eat. I do need clothes and furniture. Etc. So therefore I will be inevitably be causing some harm.

What I can learn to avoid are the inessential harms. I do not need to support and promote the extreme cruelty of factory farming. Going veg is healthier for me and for the planet. I do not need to drive everyplace. Biking when I can is better for everyone, even other drivers. I do not need to purchase fruit and veg flown in from elsewhere when locally grown produce is available at the farmers market. I do not need to buy new clothing when perfectly fine items are available in local thrift stores.

Its a gradual process, learning to think this way when every day our society persists in trying to program me to be a mindless consumer. Its a lifetime journey as I said. But as I learn to do less and less harm, I also become more and more mindful. And thats the way to genuine freedom.



                        February 21, 2012

Name:               Brieta C

Comment:         Got some Do No Harm stickers from the ZuhG Life store in sacramento, and finally decided to go to the website. I think this is awesome. I am a christian, and the reminder to do no harm really helps with my walk. Thanks guys! :)


                        February 14, 2012

Name:               Kristine Johnson

Comment:         For the past six months I've been driving past a car in my new neighborhood with a bumper sticker that says 'Do No Harm'. Finally, tonight, I asked google what it was. I can't wait for my bumper sticker to I, too, can bear witness to this simple truth.



                        January 29, 2012

Name:               C Zimmerman

Comment:         I saw the "Do No Harm" bumper sticker on my daughter's car this afternoon when I pulled into the driveway. I love it! It is simply profound. Just think how many peoples' days and even lives would be transformed if all of us practice those three little words that have such a huge impact. Thank you so much for reaching out with this message. :)


                        January18, 2012

Name:               Jenay

Comment:         We do not harm every day as we practice Yoga. Ahimsa is one of the Yamas. A = no, Himsa = harm. Listen to your Self within and you will find that it is natural to do not harm.



                        November 17, 2011

Name:               Debra Ralph

Comment:         Thank you...I stumbled across your website as I was research to follow my dream of future ordination as an interfaith minister..."DO NO HARM" is a call for action and sums up my calling beautifully...Thank you...


                        November13, 2011

Name:               L.L. Workman

Comment:         Treating people, places and things as you would want to be treated, and your things ! And be-able to Love all!



                        October 22, 2011

Name:               c.c.keiser

Comment:         Come on people...please leave a comment. This is my favorite part of this web site...hearing from all of you.


And as always...Please Do No Harm





                        September 13, 2011

Name:               Hannah Gerber

Comment:         Do no harm. I Stumbled upon these words only two days ago, and somehow they set me into instant motion! I spent the day at a hospice volunteer training center and the thought never even entered my head before. I just had to mention that while reading my training manual the words 'DO NO HARM' were in there, in the ethics section.Love it when things like that happen. Thank you for helping me 'achieve' more with the time I have on Earth.


                        September 7, 2011

Name:               Michael Daugherty

Comment:         I believe that "do no harm" includes a commitment to do no harm to ourselves. After a lifetime of self criticism, low self esteem, self guilt, self blame, and shame, I discovered the term and the meaning of the term "do no hame" (hence my search for this website), about a month ago. I want to convey the importance of adding to the definition the meaning of doing no harm to self; which in fact also means doing good to self. That is, taking care of self. That child within. That child who was damaged from birth, and, believe it or not, WE All WERE; AND SO WILL OUR CHILDREN BE, AND SO WILL THEIR CHILDREN BE. This is not about abuse or neglect, but about the legacy of doubt, fear, cultural beliefs, things that we believe are right but that are just plain wrong; that all families carry from generation to generation. So "doing no harm", also means paying attention every day to how we treat ourselves" DO NO HARM!


Thanks for this opportunity to share my thoughts.  

                        July 22, 2011

Name:               Robert Hanegan

Comment:         I posted on FB that we should not govern like a business but like a family. If we think of our neighbors as brothers and sisters we could truly be the "united" states rather than rivals of greed and selfishness. Comrades in arms do this out of necessity, can't we do it by choice -- do no harm!

                        June 3, 2011

Name:               Sharie

Comment:         When you think, say and act upon "Do No Harm," please, please open your circle of compassion to include the non-human animals! Consider the dairy cow in the facty-farm who suffers for your milk and ends up as your hamburger and her children as your veal, the egg-laying hen in tiny cages for your eggs... first, Do No Harm.



                        May 25, 2011

Name:               Rev. Loraina Lee

Comment:         I think this is a wonderful way to try to send the message out to people. When I offered the free gifts, I didn't have enough. I asked many different aged people what .. DO NO HARM .. Means.. I truly liked the answers. Even the young children knew. Now I need to get more out to all the people of all ages that are wanting them. This is a wonderful site and I am very proud to be part of it. Many blessings to each of you!!!



                        April 2, 2011

Name:               Plamena Serteva

Comment:         How simple, isn't simple that we did not realize how much we can change the world teaching it! let it enter the school, let it enter the family, let it enter our soul! Peace! Love! Do no harm!!!



                         March 31, 2011
Name:               Harry J. Martinez
Comment:         My motto has always been "It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice", now I have changed it to "It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice and do no harm" 

                        January 19, 2011 

Name:               Jan Kortekaas

Comment:         I like the words 'do no harm', to me in essence the most simple way of acting. To change the world to a better place starts with accepting al there is (this doesn't mean approve), witch creates room for change.

Do no harm means to me the acknowledgement to be an indivisible part of the whole of which I'm an expression like everyone and everything.


                        January 8, 2011

Name:               Kathleen Steoger

Comment:         Today please let Do No Harm show the way!



                        December 23, 2010

Name:               David Taylor

Comment:         Doing No Harm refers to Christ and His commandment to "love thy neightbor".


                        December 11, 2010

Name:               Larry

Comment:         Great to be in this Great Company of Donoharmers! As with charity, manifesting this idea can start with Doing No Harm to oneself, or so it seems from here. As a small way of getting the word out, I have changed my profile photo to the DNH decal logo.


                        December 8, 2010

Name:               Mike Kelly

Comment:         It is time for all of us to stop and reflect on doing no harm whether it be to other people ,the environment or even ourselves... the time has come... spread the words



                        November 22, 2010

Name:               Doug

Comment:         How interesting this page is linked on a site talking about global consciousness and effects on random events. I think this is where the greatest potential lies in this cause, subconscious reactions to hearing or seeing the phrase



                        October 27, 2010

Name:               Amy Enman

Comment:         All I can say is.... Pay it forward... everyday.  Take time to help someone at a store, smile at another and say excuse me, offer a kind word.  Make a funny face at the baby in the cart in front of you in line.  If you keep thinking of ways to make others smile through simple acts, you will not do harm and make someone else's day a bit brighter. Have faith and heart and courage to do what is right... not what is easy.



                        September 21, 2010

Name:               elizcha

Comment:         Embrace the world and let the world embrace you... love yourself be one with yourself and learn to love others for we are here to learn from one learn to reflect on words which we speak...words of truth not of poison...Do No Harm

                        August 18, 2010
Name:               caitlin
Comment:         I'm blogging about nonviolence and food at

love, c 
                        July 27, 2010
Name:               Shani Asantewaa Strothers Thompson
Comment:         Do no harm refers to the ONENESS of Creation.  If we harm another we are harming ourselves violating the Law of self preservation.

Do no harm also refers to knowing that anything can harm anything so we call a truce such that we live and let live.  No one being has a greater dominion than another. 

A small parasite can bring down nations.  If I kill my parasites am I doing harm?  I prefer "AGGRESS NOT"  I do believe in defending myself once and for all esp from persistent attackers.

Regarding parasitic sociopaths who delight in repeatedly causing harm, pain and suffering; I will do whatever it takes to keep them out of my sphere.  That is DEFENSE.  Otherwise, I do no harm.  TO avoid putting conditions on DO NO HARM I prefer to say..... I AGGRESS NOT. 

Is the best defense a good pre-emptive offense? What a slippery slope!

The BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Leak is an attack upon the US of A's shores.  It is harmful.  Then again look at how much the US of A has attacked innocents elsewhere. Suppose karma is harmful?  I prefer to get out of the way of karmic backlash so no harm is done to me!!

Google the Secret Life of Plants and the Private Life of Plants and you might become a complete breath-a-tarian sungazer.

                        June 30, 2010

Name:               Gary Grosius

Comment:         DO NO HARM people are peacemakers.  They are quick to apologize when they hurt someone's feelings and quick to accept a deserved apology to restore peace.  They feel deeply and can feel others' pain. Because they have a commitment and a personal conviction to DO NO HARM, they don't start fights.  They think before they speak. This makes them very patient. They may become engaged in a conflict but if they hurt somebody's feelings it is an accident or a misunderstanding.  Nothing is more important to them than to be harmless; to live and let live. If everyone had the conviction to DO NO HARM, any conflicts would be accidental and resolved quickly because DO NO HARM people are grieved by disharmony and have no interest in grudges, punishing or vengeance. DO NO HARM people make amends if they hurt someone's feelings.  They will not rest until friendship is restored. The offender feels forgiven and there is no need for guilt or more apologies. The offender's conscience is finally clear because the offended person feels healed and restored.  Making amends satisfies the offender and the offended. This is the goal of DO NO HARM people. 

                        June 29, 2010

Name:               Nick Kirkes

Comment:         Proudly wearing my wristband.  Great message, great reminder.



                        April 23, 2010

Name:               Greg Gehl

Comment:         Do no harm is such a wonderful message and guidepost for living our lives in a better way. I appreciate the website authors sentiment that physicians make an oath to First, Do No Harm. Why then not politicians, businessmen, clergymen and lawyers? Imagine if all members of society chose to adopt this concept as their core belief system.

I would like to expand the Do No Harm idea beyond the traditional conceptions of what this means. Few people would argue that it is right and good to conserve energy, protect the environment, treat each other kindly, be charitable and be kind to animals. One would be choosing to advocate a truly contradictory view of proper values if they argued against those truths. How often though do we think about how we choose to advocate our core values? Isnt the active creation of divisiveness a form of doing harm? It society we can see obvious examples of people with what to them are altruistic intensions creating divisions between other human beings. We can see it in the conservative talk show host as well as the celebrity activist of some liberal cause. Both choose criticism, controversy and elitism as their way of expressing views that they believe are right and serve the betterment of society. Isnt the very act of inciting anger and vitriol between other people a form of doing harm? How many people have completely closed themselves off to hearing any argument that is contrary to their personal views just because to cede a point would mean to give power to someone who has attacked their intelligence, their beliefs, and many times their personal integrity in a way that has become deeply personal? In fighting for what we believe is right we often create something that is very wrong  disharmony between people. 
This world was created as a natural system where all things work in harmony. We are part of nature and should have a natural tendency toward cooperation and kindness. There is an energy in nature that cannot be felt when it is blocked, closed off, or corrupted. Just as paving over a forest or needlessly killing an animal disrupts and depletes the natural flow of natures energy, causing divisions between people creates an even more powerful drain on the potential greatness of humans. The reality that there are people who profit from creating these divisions is an unfortunate truth.  Fighting to stop them would be to buy into their dysfunction. Our only option is to spread the message to Do No Harm in a positive, loving, kind way. Choose to communicate this message in ways that unites and does not judge or criticize. In other words, Does No Harm.


Peace, and Do No Harm,


Greg Gehl


                        April 17, 2010

Name:               Gloria

Comment:         I think a little reminder is all we need, now and then. I think the number sticker, and the bracelets are  excellent reminders. I'd like to ask for a few to share with others. For me it will be a gentle reminder. Do no harm goes arm and arm with do unto others, yet it encompasses so much more. Thank you for starting this movement. Thank you for sharing your vision, as the world as we've recently known it is now in the midst of a shift, and we are remembering our humanity, and the humanity, as a  whole of our Oneness. As we continue to one by one, become more aware- more awake, we do less and less harm. It can not be otherwise. Thank you for sharing your vision. The ripples we are experiencing are soon to become waves, but just like any change, a gradual growth period will be less abrupt, and much like weightloss, will be more apt to stick, the more gradually and purposeful we are. Do no harm;)


                        April 13, 2010

Name:               Bengt Ivarsson
Comment:         Friends,
I just decided yesterday that my motto should be Do No Harm, a google moment later I found this website! The more people committed to do no harm, the better this place will be. See you around!

Bengt, Hong Kong 
                          March 16, 2010
Name:               melissa mcdaniel
Comment:         id like to try. 
                           February 15, 2010
Name:               Craig Mollins
Comment:         Thanks for this wonderful website, so full of inspiration and vision. If we can learn to live from our heart, doing no harm will become more and more natural to us. It's a daily practice, for the rest of one's life, and you only get better at it the more you are dedicated to this way of life and the more you practice it in everyday situations, moment by moment.

My we do no harm, and may there be profound peace on this earth. 
                         February 10, 2010
Name:               Winsse V. Cirujales, Philippines
Comment:         It is already difficult enough to Keep from DOING Harm, as it is not in any written logical nature for any human being to be doing that, and yet this organization have managed, not only to DO NO HARM, but even Dares to take that extra step and actually initiate to DO GOOD! What bravery!

My entire family and myself send our most sincere "Thank You". We just received the incredibly generous package of free wrist bands, pins and stickers. Not only are they FREE, they are absolutely Gorgeous!!

"Courage is contagious. when a brave man takes a stand, the spine of others are often stiffened." -William Franklin "Billy" Graham

And I truly believe there is no better way to teach than to Be the example. Though I am positive the people who give away freebies here is NOT perfect (as no one is) I salute their determination in the effort to strive to be perfect and submit themselves to Love, to the Truth, and to be as thoughtful and generous and as Kind as they could possibly be. I am at awe in your selfless presence.

"I'm gonna be telling your story, Happy Feet, long after your dead and gone!" -Lovelace, Happy Feet. 
                        January 22, 2010
Name:               Akiko J.
Comment:         Thanks for the site and the opportunity to be a productive force to remind others and my own self to Do No Harm. 
                        January 22, 2010
Name:               Maureen Smith
Comment:         I was delighted to have a friend tell me about your website and mission.  I have used, "Do No Harm" as a personal motto for years.  Imagine my delight and suprise to find people are actually understanding and supporting this simple but power philosophy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

                        December 26, 2009

Name:               Charle Nelson

Comment:         Thank you for this web site! In January, I plan to teach a course from a small book by Ruebn Job entitled: "Three Simple Rules." The three are: "Do No Harm," "Do Good," and  "Stay In Love With God."  Your readers have been both helpful and insightful.


                        December 24, 2009

Name:               Madusanka Thilakarathne

Comment:         I received your bumper sticker.Thanks for that.Actually it was all free.Thanks again.Nice campaign.Please update your site regularly.


                        November 30, 2009

Name:               Kåre Mulvad

Comment:         Together we'll be better at doing no harm - I'm glad i found this site searching for acts of kindness which is my current project doing no harm by calling for action in doing kind acts for people without asking for anything in return - i'm going to add a link to my project to hopefully spread both the Do No Harm and my own struggle in this:


                        November 11, 2009

Name:               Janos Abel

Comment:         "Do no harm" means do not cause harm by committing harm.
A vast amount of harm is being done by omission: "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."

Should not the command be, "do no harm by commission or omission"?



                        October 30, 2009

Name:               Patty

Comment:         As a child I was often made to feel that I was "too sensitive" or that I needed to live in reality because I would go out of my way to avoid hurting anything, even tiny bugs. I would also cry easily when I saw the news adn couldn't understand why there needed to be so much hurt (most of it unnecessary, in my young eyes).  I have taught my children the importance of gentleness and kindness and today they are two of the sweetest and most empathic people I know.  They run out after it rains to get the snails that come out of the greasses and into the sidewalks out of harm's way.  It has been a challenge to raise such sensitive boys in our rough and tough society. It is not always appreciated.  I often feels we are going against the grain--yet it feels so right.  I would love to find like-minded parents.  I know I am raising my boys to lead a gentler world and I am so glad I am not the only one who feels that love and kindness, in all their simplicity, are what truly matters.

                        October 5, 2009

Name:               Susan Springer

Comment:         wow, this is great



                        September 25, 2009

Name:               Mike  Joncas

Comment:         NICE SITE 


                        September 22, 2009

Name:               Tim Vaughan

Comment:         I think this is the most inspiring website I have found.  I'm going to wear  one of those nice "do no harm" bracelets to remind me.  Thanks to you!


                        September, 2009

Name:               Josie Hyde

Comment:         I have always told my kids that as long as they live by "Do No Harm" no matter what, I will always be proud of them. I am ecstatic to see that we are not the only ones living by this mantra! 
                        August 17, 2009

Name:               peter parsons

Comment:         in child rearing, i have avoided corporal punishment, and yet i feel i continue to harm my children in perhaps deeper, more psychological ways than a spanking might do.  i continue to seek a mindful non-harming way of parenting.


may i be free of suffering, may all beings be free from suffering. 



                         July 22, 2009
Name:               Ginger

Comment:         A favorite quote of the Tao Te Ching...

Live in accordance with the nature of things,

In dwelling, be close to the land.

In meditation, go deep in the heart. 

In dealing with others, be gentle and kind.

Stand by your word.

Govern with equity.

Be timely in choosing the right moment.


One who lives in accordance with nature does not go against the way of things.

He moves in harmony with the present moment,

always knowing the truth of just what to do.


in other words...Do No Harm


                          July 19, 2009
Name:               Kurt Edward Fishback
Comment:         Thank you for being at the Word Fest in Grass Valley yesterday.
I will pass this forward to my friends and students. Balance and peace in all things is possible. 
                         July 1, 2009
Name:               Alex Raedish
Comment:         Thank You "Buddhist Geeks" podcast guys for directing your listeners here.  In turn, I too will pass it forward.
                          June 11, 2009
Name:               Wendy Miller
Comment:         I do not kow who you are your color, age or anything abot you but if every body in the world  could take the time to read your words this would be surely (I have run out of words) a start
                         June 1, 2009
Name:               shana
Comment:         I have been contemplating this, recently. I am glad I have found people that observe the same philosophical paradox. I have lived my life trying to do no harm. I was a vegetarian (10 yrs), I can't kill a mosquito or a spider.  I have dilemas with killing aphids on my roses.  There are over 50 aphids and one rose; who deserves to live, who am I to decide?  Amoebas eat algae, birds eat bugs, whales eat fish, etc. What my question has been: if one exists, then does one need to die (or be harmed)?  A balance beam of sorts?  If the aphids and roses are left to themselves, I don't think the rose would die (it would be disfigured and wilt, but not die). I can go deeper here, but I just wanted to express my recent thoughts.  Perhaps I'll blog that myself.
                          May 6, 2009
Name:               josh
Comment:         I am reading a book right now called the dahli lama and he discribes how this is a foundation of the tabetan hindu culture. to help or at least do no harm. I am in the medical field and imediately thought of the hipocratic oath. I was looking up the concept online when I came across this site. good for you.
                          April 24, 2009
Name:               J
Comment:         I've done lots of harm to people: emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I still feel guilty about it.  Even giving someone a dirty or condescending look is harmful. Thinking mean thoughts about others is self-harm.  I think I've learned not to do these things, but sometime I still do them as a matter of habit.  God, and everyone that I have harmed, please forgive me.
                         April 20, 2009
Name:               Suzanne
Comment:         What a wonderful concept.  I saw a bumper sticker Saturday as I left a Sprouts grocery store and immediately asked the young lady where she got it.

My first thought was of John Wesley, who said, as has been quoted here, "Do No Harm."  My second of the Wiccan Rede, which states "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will."

If only the adherents to all the many world religions would follow their simplest precepts...

I am going to add a link to this site to mine:
                          April 20, 2009
Name:               Lona Scott
Comment:         There can be no darkness, without light.

No good, without evil.

No right, without wrong.

As long as there are those who would do no harm....
there will be those who cannot help themseves.

Ying and Yang,
exist together,
or not at all.

It's nice to see written evidence, of like souls, who would do no harm.

A comfort, really.
                         April 14, 2009
Name:               Carness Vaughan
Comment:         John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, had three simple rules for the people in his classes who were meeting to become better disciples of Jesus.  The first of these rules is, you guessed it, to do no harm!  The other two are to do good and to attend to the ordinances of God (worship, Bible study, prayer, the Lord's Supper, and fasting).  If all of us followed these three simple rules, we would be able to make a huge difference in our communities and our world.  I'm preaching on these three in the weeks to come - any insight would be appreciated!  Take care and God bless each of you as you seek to do no harm.
                          February 23, 2009
Name:               Strider
Comment:         Wish all readers love, peace and ascension!

                          January 21, 2009
Name:               Sara
Comment:         We all need to take a minute, not be in a hurry, slow down, not be rude, be kinder and consider others. We all have been told at one time or maybe several do to others as you wish done to you. The universe gives back, what you give. My new years promise is to be more patient and tolerant. PEACE and quit eating pre-packaged preservatives, eat more healthy, you might be a little happier!
                         January 1, 2009
Name:               Manny
Comment:         Wishing all of you a happy and peaceful 2009. Be the change you wish to see in the world. 


                        December 8, 2008

Name:               Arran

Comment:         What is going to take for the rest of the planet to realize this concept:
All life is truly connected and when a person inflicts pain and suffering unto another living thing then all life is affected.


                        December 7, 2008

Name:               Eric Little

Comment:         To do no harm you must be in peace with yourself.



                        November 25, 2008

Name:               Lilith

Comment:         And it harm none do what ye will...


                        November 24, 2008

Name:               Jim 'Flip' San Filippo

Comment:         "Consider ennobling others rather than considering them ignoble."

"Dignify all, disparage none." 

Ennobleto make somebody or something noble or more dignified.

Ignobledishonorable, reprehensible, dastardly, low.

Disparagebelittle, ridicule, criticize, denigrate.

"Consider ennobling others rather than considering them ignoble."

"Dignify all, disparage none."


                        November 18, 2008

Name:               Pat Peace

Comment:         If You Cannot Help the Others... help them by "DO NO HARM"  to them ...

My way  of thinking is
" If you cannot help, don't harm atleast"


                        November 11, 2008

Name:               Cris Weber

Comment:         Be kind to yourself and all living things. Know that the greatest church exists within you and you are connected to everything in the form of creative energy. Namaste


                        November 11, 2008

Name:               Debra

Comment:         Do no harm - visualize a peaceful world... help to co-cretae that world by meditating with like-minded people around the globe today, 11/11


                        November 11, 2008

Name:               C.J. Johnson

Comment:         Everyday is random act of kindness day.


                        November 10, 2008

Name:               Danny Laesch

Comment:         If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion. - Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama

Be well all.



                        September 17, 2008

Name:               Gwendolyn Carr

Comment:         happiness is contagious, and happiness is what you get when you are, in all conscience, doing no harm


                        September 1, 2008

Name:               tyler graves

Comment:         i have this as a bumper sticker on my car.  i swear people are less aggressive towards me on the road.  and my friends have made some nice comments.  small actions can render wide results.



                        August 30, 2008

Name:               Peter Day

Comment:         I think this idea (do no harm) is great and try as best I can to complement it with the guiding desire to Be Helpful. And it's true that having a bumper stripe is a constant reminder. Thanks


                        August 27, 2008

Name:               Diane

Comment:         Clyde, you are so inspiring!  We can all do so much more than we realize.  My spiritual path led me to your site.  We truly are all ONE--- everything that exists.


                        August 18, 2008

Name:               Beth

Comment:         So glad to know this site is here. Wonderful meeting some of you over the weekend in Allentown. "There is no 'us' and 'them'." It really is that easy.


                        August 5, 2008

Name:               Peri Jane R.

Comment:         yes I know we get though this time and may I say I love "DO NO HARM" it is wonderful to have a web site like this.



                        July 27, 2008

Name:               Jim Linderman

Comment:         I LOVE YOU GUYS! thanks
"be the change you want to see in the world" .. "do no harm" .. all such good stuff .. and so simple, but sometimes not easy
thanks again
jim linderman, stockton


                        July 21, 2008

Name:               John

Comment:         Doctors are asked to first do no harm, why not lawyers, businessmen, religious leaders and politicians? Why not us? Why not now?
( )

Most of us agree that the world is sick, yet many think that do no harm means to *not actively* do any harm.

If a doctor dismisses a serious illness as nothing, has the doctor done no harm?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)


                        July 20, 2008

Name:               Randy Whitwell

Comment:         I have just turned 56 yrs old (bummer!)and have had many years to comtemplate what is important in life. I have concluded (for myself) that simply being kind is so important to having peaceful realations with people. This quality is so lacking in the world. I think that it is possibly even more important than love, or maybe it is the foundation for love. We don't necessarily need to love though, to be kind. We just need to build people up and celebrate their contributions to the world no matter how small we may feel they are. Being kind is also very infectious. I hope that someday this quality of kindness will be spread to pandemic proportions throughout the world.



                        June 26, 2008

Name:               Candace Hayley Warner

Comment:         How can we get this Subject onto OPERAH. I myself do not watch her but it has been proven time & time again that any topic she brings attention too seems to get positive results. I know she has had a series Called Something like "AWAKENING" but I think a scientific study may help people feel it is real.We need to bring global attention to this study. Get it into the media get into the mind of the "UNCONSCIOUS". I am in the process of becoming more conscious as I have been educating myself alot lately about the state of our world.SCAREY stuff ! But the amazing thing I keep coming across in all my research is the common connection between everything I religion,science,or otherwize is Global Consciousness .Peace to all


                        June 23, 2008

Name:               Bobi Watson

Comment:         Well, my first distribution of "do no harm" items included a mindfulness walk with seven children at a zoo in Cape May County and some yoga asana and drawing before leaving... They were thrilled with there bracelets, and I'm thrilled to be planting seedlings.  Now I've got a local yoga studio, Dragonfly Wellness, also in Cape May Court House NJ on board.  We are practicing "ahimsa" also in yogic terminology known as non-violence... Do No Harm is a great principle and a great friend.  Thank you for doing no harm and spreading the message wide and far. 
   Namaste, Bobi


                        June 22, 2008

Name:               Margaret

Comment:         Given this new paradigm of consciousness and what it means to be fully human we, as players and consumers of media, need to think about what harm we do to ourselves and others in a very circumspect manner. Buddhist understanding is that the violence we watch on TV, even the fictional, impacts the mind as if it REALLY were real to the viewer.  Even in our dreams we are sorting out the troubles presented to our readily believing minds!  Thus, we perpetuate violence on many levels.  conversely, how important is it now that we chose to see the positive in our everyday lives.


                        June 18, 2008

Name:               Tamra Honea

Comment:         How lovely to affirm that the value of  kindness and gentle intention.  Peace.


                        June 9, 2008

Name:               Peter

Comment:         A beautifully pure message and one that we should always try to live by. It makes me happy to know that others have internalized this ideal as well.



                        May 23, 2008

Name:               Evan

Comment:         Everyone Here is amazing.

I love you all.

Keep it up.


                        May 22, 2008

Name:               Yarngoddess

Comment:         What a simple, yet inspiring concept.  I will be spreading this message in my daily life- and it's nice to know that I am not alone....


                        May16, 2008

Name:               Garner

Comment:         Ah, finally a message is being spread across the world.
I am very excited at the fact that there are no catch kind people like me in the world. We are banding together to spread a message that has been needed for so many years!
This is AMAZING, JUST PLAIN AWSOME! So lets keep this up yall and to everyone.
Spread the Word-Do No Harm!


                        May 15, 2008

Name:               Gates

Comment:         their is so much hate in the world today. i myself have found myself beating my fist into the ground because of the actions of other and what they do. i'm glad i came across this, or i would continue to be a victom to the unrelentless virus called hate


                        May 14, 2008

Name:               Josie

Comment:         Just found this site.  So true!!  Would love more updeated news !!!


                        May 10, 2008

Name:               Carole in bonnie Scotland

Comment:         Do no harm

Live Love



                        May 9, 2008

Name:               J

Comment:         "Do No Harm" - This saying has been part of the Wiccan Rede for as long as recorded history. You can do anything you want but harm another or try to force an outcome against someone's will. But, nobody has the right to harm your or your loved ones. If that happens, you protect the innocent. Do no harm; So mote it be.


                        May 6, 2008

Name:               Ingrid

Comment:         I was reminded again today how simple our message really is and how hard it is to really argue against. 

As more people ask me about what my button or stickers mean, the message spreads and as it spreads we can make people more aware of their affect on the world we all inhabit.


                        May 5, 2008

Name:               Billy Field

Comment:         Great idea!..and it's not enough to just "do no harm"....we all must stand up against harm being done by others. I think we ought be tough minded, and open minded and really think things through.....then continue to re-think them through or we might end up with a Police State. The price of liberty is eternal vigilence.



                        April 25, 2008

Name:               Shep

Comment:         What a GREAT site! I will share this with everyone I know. WE CAN raise global consciousness. WE CAN change the ego driven attitude. WE WILL reclaim basic human integrity.


                        April 23, 2008

Name:               Don Noone

Comment:         I think "do no harm" implies that the natural order of things, living and not, is good, harmonious, and abundant and as long as no one does harm, good will naturally result. So, I think there is a natural tendency to care, to be nurturant, to be protective, and to be tolerant. Trouble starts when folks start doing harm - in its many different expressions of hurtfulness. Scarcity kicks in, true belief is in overdrive, and me first generates walls. The result is injury, violence, and combat. I can subscribe to do no harm as a basic standard for behavior. It gets beyond ideology, and religion, in particular, and provides a simple naturalistic, easy to remember guideline for behavior.    


I'm happy I found this site.


                        April 22, 2008

Name:               carol

Comment:         Love is all there is.  "Do No Harm" reminds us of that in our encounters with one another, our planet, the countries with whom we share the earth, etc.  It's a simple truth and one that needs to be awakened!


                        April 21, 2008

Name:               pamela

Comment:         So pleased to have found this.


                        April 20, 2008

Name:               Cheryl Horgan

Comment:         What more can I say? This is wonderful.


                        April 16 2008

Name:               mbaude

Comment:         nice page


                        April 14, 2008

Name:               Jim Claunch

Comment:         Until love of power is replaced by the power of love there will be great harm done. Faith and reason may both be wonderful virtues but if they are not bridled and controlled from first to last by love then harm,no doubt sincere and well intentioned harm, will result. Doing no harm to people is the most basic human right and it is inalienable and neither faith nor reason nor national government has the right to trample it asunder. Reason, Faith and Governments are to be in the service of people not for the harming of people.  Reason and Faith and national governments may at times seek to justify harming people but they are there for just the opposite reason. The Sabbath, reason, faith and governments are made for the comfort and aid of man not man for them.  Love will always say," Do no harm." as it addresses these good powers and virtues. At its best if possible after consulting with those to be helped to see if its intended good is good on their terms , with their!
  permission Love will then do all the good it  can. For that the consent of the one helping and the one being helped need to agree.  However love needs no ones permission to do no harm and that should be a rule for us all without exception.


                        April 9, 2008

Name:               Gwendolyn Carr

Comment:         I love what you've done with the place. thank you for spreading the goodness.


                        April 7, 2008

Name:               ken feldman

Comment:         the message is short sweet and to the point its simple DO NO HARM think about how we treat others and how we can help others by spreading this simple message of DO NO HARM  what a great concept to bad the folks in corporate america ,our politicians and many others just dont live this way  PS lets stop the war and bring our troops home safe and sound !! retired U.S. MILITARY VET   ken feldman proud to be clyde and suzy'S COUSIN  WITH MUCH LOVE ALWAYS   lets all try to make this a better world by living this way DO NO HARM !!! ken feldman 100% disabled us navy veteran


                        April 6, 2008

Name:               Martin ellacott

Comment:         Good stuff folks.  Would that every one thought the way you do.  Keep up the good work.


                        April 2, 2008

Name:               Eden Fetterly

Comment:         To DO NO HARM is to ask yourself every moment of every day, what is my intention.  Is it for my own gain, when I make an unkind remark, is it for my gain to manipulate others.  It is my intention to DO NO HARM. I hope that all humanity will embrace each other and recognize that we are not different from each other and we all want peace, love and harmony in our lives.
I am so grateful for the change this new consciousness has made in my life. I now feel I have a life worth living.


                        April 1, 2008

Name:               michael

Comment:         ive been spreading this message my whole life! i just found this website today, im so HAPPY i found a place where people  understand that the world is changing!



                        March 29, 2008

Name:               Sandra Hays

Comment:         Thank you for this website, I am very happy to see the Do No Harm message being spread, I will gladly do the same thing.


                        March 28, 2008

Name:               Ashley Byford

Comment:         I think this is a fab website, and I really really hope that the message gets across. I'll certainly link to it from my blog page.  And any other pages I can find too.  What a fantastic way to start a movement.  DO NO HARM!


                        March 26, 2008

Name:               Tim

Comment:         I will be placing a
"Do No Harm" Website link

Aleichem Shalom, Tim


                        March 26, 2008

Name:               Patricia

Comment:         I think your web site is wonderful. I want to join up and help spread the words DO NO HARM in any way I can


                        March 24, 2008

Name:               Sharen Ewing

Comment:         Simolify life it is easier to do no harm  let nature and spirit heal themselves .Relax and think positive smile


                        March 16, 2008

Name:               Mikael Lady

Comment:         Connection to spirit is important to me in not harming other beings. By example not ego is my path.


                        March 12, 2008

Name:               dani omri

Comment:         Living in Israel one would think it is a good idea to spread the word around - amongst ourselves and the Palestinians. Living with myself - i know it is much better to start within you. "Do no harm" to you, then no one will be there to stop you from doing no harm to others and spreading the word around effectively. Thank you for reminding us the obvious


                        March 12, 2008

Name:               JNemec

Comment:         Thank you. Nice to see someone else contemplating this now. Hope your good news catches on around the internet.


                        March 10, 2008

Name:               Sama

Comment:         I love the simplicity of this.  three simple words tha could change the world, change our lives.

am posting this on both my blogs.


                        March 4, 2008

Name:               Kevin

Comment:         I feel all fluffy inside looking at this website and reading what people have to say about it. It is truly inspiring.


                        March 4, 2008

Name:               Gary

Comment:         This is a great message.  It is simple and clear.  There is no ambiguity.  But the effectiveness of it for those who read it will depend upon the scope of their perspective.  "Harm" can come in many forms, not just the obvious confrontational physical manifestation.  We as human beings do indeed cause a lot of harm in slow, subtle ways.  Every time you create non-biodegradable trash, you are harming the environment.  (Please refrain from using disposable items).

The average person creates harm every day, without even knowing it.  And getting them to stop doing it will be difficult, due to their inability to relate to the larger perspective.  And that's probably the biggest challenge in getting through to any human being--making them understand something that they do not naturally relate to.  The world is heading in a dangerous direction with tremendous momentum.  At this point, it will only get much worse before it gets better.  And messages like "Do No Harm" can help lessen the impact.  As a concerned citizen of planet Earth, I can only hope it will have more effect than it currently does.  Because it's not just the human beings who will suffer--most of the higher forms of life on Earth will certainly suffer, many even to extinction.  It will be a great loss... and the generations that succeed us will only wonder why the generations who came before them were so ignorant and short sighted.


                        March 3, 2008

Name:               Carol L. Skolnick

Comment:         It occurs to me that there is no way to do absolutely no harm. I don't sweep the ground before I walk on it; who knows how many little plants and insects I've crushed? It's likely that some if not most of the textiles and furniture in my home were made under poor working conditions. I'm typing this on a keyboard with plastic components, likely not recycled, and the computer itself sends out rays which may be harmful.

This doesn't mean we can't be more conscious; to at least be aware of how we can reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the harm we do, even that which is inadvertent.

It's actually quite easy to reduce the amount of harm we do:  for instance, by not buying water in plastic bottles (I read recently that 70% of water bottles go to landfill, even with recycling); by stopping to breathe and calm down before lashing out at our children; by not creating toxicity in our own bodies with foods that have chemical additives; by eating lower on the food chain; by trying to purchase goods from companies with demonstrable commitment to their employees and to the environment.

With a little education ("When we know better, we do better." Maya Angelou), a little awareness, and a little effort, we can do a lot less harm. "Do No Harm;" what a wonderful reminder to live the life I would like to live. Thank you so much.


                        March 3, 2008

Name:               Saul Moss

Comment:         The only way we will survive on this planet is by Doing No Harm. That's it, the great philosophy of all time. Do No Harm.



                        February 26, 2008

Name:               LOBSA.ORG

Comment:         "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men."
Alice Walker

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love." Pythagorus

Go vegan for peace, for yourself, for all sentient beings and the environment.


                        February 25, 2008

Name:               Zal Moxis

Comment:         The Wiccan rede:
An it harm none,
do as ye will.


                        February 20, 2008

Name:               Joseph Koudelka

Comment:         Do no harm. It is easy to think that I live 'do no harm' but reality in action suggests that I have a long way to go on this path. Still, I know of no better way than to live a life of zazen so that 'do no harm' manifests by ever-widening degrees in this world that I find myself.


                        February 20, 2008

Name:               MGBADA JOE



                        February 10, 2008

Name:               SANDRA CREACY

Comment:         In my search to find "me", I began to look into the concept of living my life in a way that would make me a happier person. I found the more people I made happy with a small comment or gester of good will, the happier I felt. I began to treat people with respect, no matter who they were or how much they deserved respect. I learned real fast how hard this could be! Do no Harm is a wonderfull way to conduct your daily life, It may not be easy to do, but as they say, "just do it" The outcome is so pleasent at the end of the look back on all the smiles that came your way. I will take this vow, today, Febuary 10th, 2008.....I WILL DO NO HARM.



                        January 31, 2008

Name:               Nick

Comment:         Sunday, March 05, 2006
Cause No Harm

It's easy to say but not so easy to do. Legend has it that the Buddha saw farmers working in the fields with hoes and forks. He saw worms and insects being cut and killed by the tools and realized that harm and suffering were everywhere. So going through life without hurting something is pretty near impossible. As careful as we may be, there is always the possibility that what we are doing is causing or will cause harm to someone or something. Maybe harm is the wrong word...maybe we should say cause no discomfort. All beings want to live comfortably. Even a flatworm will avoid an unpleasant stimulus. To a flatworm, comfort means food and a cosy place to live. For a dolphin, it means food, a cosy place to live, and friends to play with. For a human, it means so much more. The more complex the peephole we're looking through, the more difficult it is to find comfort. So for a flatworm, harm or discomfort would involve a lack of food, or the cosy place to live, while for a human, it could be almost anything.
So causing no harm is not so easy to do. Generally, animals have no intention to cause harm or even discomfort. They have no ability to look ahead and see the consequences of their actions. So if a lion eats a person...the intention is probably to survive. We, as humans, have a responsibilty to look closely at what we are doing. We need to look ahead to see the possible outcomes of our actions. We need to think less of ourselves as individuals, and think more of the overall comfort of the One Thing of which we are all a part.


                        January 23, 2008

Name:               dseyoum

Comment:         It's simple, it's clear and it doens't even require education just do no harm!


                        January 23, 2008

Name:               MGBADA JOE



                        January 22, 2008

Name:               Jundo Cohen, Treeleaf Zendo

Comment:         I thank you very much for this place, your "non-profit non-organization". We best life, as we can, to "Do No Harm".

Please keep up the aspirations  of your message and mission. Do No Harm!

Gassho,  Jundo


                        January 21, 2008

Name:               Sandy

Comment:         Primum Non Nocere, a signpost to follow


                        January 20, 2008

Name:               cameron cruz

Comment:         i think you should send bracelets to iraq to the soldires and give them to the people and inforce the do no harm policy in other countries


                        January 18, 2008

Name:               Mike Wilson

Comment:         "Do no harm" is part of the mission statement that I have crafted for my life.  Said list also includes living a life of love, listening carefully, and goofing generously.  Thanks for your efforts.  I look forward to the schwag.


                        January 18, 2008

Name:               susan

Comment:         thanks for some great food for thought about ways to be more humane and just in this world. I will continue working on doing no harm everywhere I can!


January 15, 2008

Name:               Marc Zamec

Comment:         words that i shall live by


                        January 11, 2008

Name:               Jon Wheeler

Comment:         Awesome idea; even more amazing that you do this (which takes money) without donations. Do No Harm is so hard to do in one's life. We're too blithely unaware of what we do to others. Can't wait for the wrist band.


                        January 9, 2008

Name:               Karen Riley-Searle

Comment:         this is beautiful


                        January 9, 2008

Name:               Vaughan Rautenbach

Email Address:

Comment:         I wish more governments around the world would follow the principles on this site.


                        January 8, 2008

Name:               lori Clabaugh

Comment:         my people, I have found my people. What a wonderful resource for those of us trying so hard to find spirituality somewhere other than aisle five or


                        January 4, 2008

Name:               hemikiwi

Email Address:

Comment:         simple but important message. Greetings from aotearoa! ( New Zealand)


                        January 3, 2008

Name:               Sarah M

Comment:         All I have to say is: "DO NO HARM"



                        December 30, 2007

Name:               Tom

Comment:         Nice website, keep up the great work.


                        December 27, 2007

Name:               Richard Dillon



                        December 27, 2007

Name:               debbie giordano

Comment:         what a wonderful statement


                        December 25, 2007

Name:               Gene Bourquin

Comment:         Continue to broadcast your message and I will too . . .


                        December 25, 2007

Name:               Ruthie Lancaster

Comment:         This looks like a wonderful creed. I want very much to try living by it.


                        December 11, 2007

Name:               Tom Hogg

Comment:         great mindfullness


                        December 9, 2007

Name:               David Mason

Comment:         Thank you for this 'harm-less' message. If only we could get just a fraction of human's to follow this maxim wouldn't things be more ... desirable / Just one small semantic point, yet to me it has 'value', you refer, in part, to the Hippocratic oath, that which all physicians tradionally take before being confirmed as qualified practitioners of 'medicine', your words were 'and to do no harm', the Oath reads : "And above all, to do no harm" I think that that 'Above All' is crucial, it is the most important and therefore 'ruling' factor. No 'harm' intended. :-))) David


                        December 7, 2007

Name:               Travis

Comment:         Hello there, I really, really, really dig/appreciate your message and mission. Thank you! I came across your site on I will do my best to spread the word! I've added a link to your site on my blog, Hope your Friday is going well!


                        December 7, 2007

Name:               Carl Zimmerling

Comment:         . . . that is a real important vow. And if I did harm, I want to recognize it, to avoid it the next time . . . .